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Here’s how to contact Dave

Call me: 774-334-8006 - I don’t pick up the phone if I’m with a Client, or if I’m in the middle of a repair. Please use Voicemail and I will call you back as soon as I’m able.The shop is always busy so I respectfully ask for patience. If you ever need Emergency service please say so and I’ll do my best to respond more quickly.

Text me: 774-334-8006 - I have finally activated Text service. I like text a lot, it seems quicker and less formal for simply passing information. I don’t do long discussions via text. I don’t live with my phone stuck to my ear so most likely you won’t get an instant reply. After normal hours (9-6) or weekends I typically won’t respond until the next workday unless you indicate it is an Emergency situation. I try to keep balance in my life by leaving work-related tasks at work when I’m home.

Email me: dave@dstringrepair.com - Email is good for me too, however when the shop gets very busy I can be overwhelmed by the number of emails/texts/voicemails and things bog down. If you get impatient, please just “poke” me so I can tell you need something more urgently.

Don’t Facebook me; I”m just about done using Facebook. Already having three forms of Contact it’s just too time consuming to have to visit Facebook frequently. As of now, the shop doesn’t need much of an online presence so please use the contact methods outlined above.

Write me a card or letter - Of course, this is very old school but you may send mail to; D String Guitar Repair, P.O. Box 800, Fiskdale, MA 01518.

Just a reminder; you must make an appointment for any Visit. This is necessary here for me to balance Bench time with Customer time. I’ve had very positive feedback for the Appointment structure as it guarantees one-on-one time for you and me when you do visit. Thanks for helping things move smoothly here at the shop.


We also send out occaisional emails
to our customer list.