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D String Guitar Repair

We are very easy to find, have a large parking lot, and a comfortable, friendly showroom where you can have a seat, relax and have a nice visit.

The Town of Sturbridge, like many larger towns, has a few “villages” within its borders. Fiskdale is one of these villages and is where most of the great independent antique stores, specialty shops, and restaurants are located. Unfortunately, there are no road signs indicating where Fiskdale begins and ends. A lot of local folks here don’t even know where the lines are! So, we rely on landmarks to get you to our shop.

When using GPS, please enter 531 Main Street, Fiskdale, MA 01518. If you enter “Sturbridge” instead you’ll be directed to another location in town.

If you are coming from the east, as you would if you come off of the Mass Turnpike exit 9, you will follow US Route 20 west. Less than a mile from the Pike you’ll pass by the entrance to Old Sturbridge Village, the iconic living history museum. There an intersection there and a traffic light. D String is located exactly on mile from that intersection. Continue west on US 20, through the many shops and restaurants. Keep an eye out for a big new Cumberland Farms store/gas station on the right, then look to the left for Village Laundromat’s sign. They have a nice big sign by the road. There is a green building, set back a bit off the road just past the Laundromat. This is D String’s location.

If you are approaching on Route 20 from the west, when you enter Sturbridge you’ll soon come to a traffic light. This is the intersection with MA Route 148. Continue on Route 20, just as it flows around a bend you’ll see a brick mill building on the right. There is a Subway restaurant sign easily visible on that building. Continue around the bend, there are three houses between that mill and our building. It’s an old green building, set back from the road.

Please park to the left side of the lot, by the wooded area. Sadie Green gift shop uses the upper floors of the building and their parking is in front of the building. You’ll see my cool signpost, and some decking. Come down the exterior stairway and into the shop.

***A note about Handicap Access. Our building is built on a ledge, the upper floors are at street level, D String is below the street level. There is a fairly long, steep exterior stairway you’ll have to navigate to get to the shop. The stairs are well built, have good railings and are lovingly maintained but can be tough for some people. If you need my services but think the access is too difficult, please contact me and I will make every effort to meet with you.